The Scariest Horror Films Ever

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West Side Story (

All of Satoshi Kon’s movies are value delving into (the Japanese animator made only four features earlier than dying of most cancers on the age of 46), however his debut work nonetheless delivers essentially the most intense shock to the system. Perfect Blue is a up to date drama with all the darkness and surrealism of sci-fi fantasy; in meta fashion, it portrays the pressures of fame as a nightmarish mania from which there’s no escape. Kon’s film follows Mima Kirigoe, a teen pop star trying to interrupt into critical appearing, who undergoes a psychotic break as she struggles to tell apart between actual life and the roles she’s playing. Kon wants to give the viewer the identical expertise—you possibly can spend the entire movie wondering what’s actual and what isn’t, without feeling the frustration of making an attempt to unravel a tawdry mystery. Kon excelled at creating these kinds of cinematic headspaces, and Perfect Blue is exceptionally emotionally shattering as a result.

“Tokyo Story” (

The Safdie brothers have damaged out in the past couple of years with their stressful New York epics Good Time and Uncut Gems. But if you’re actually trying to have your brain rattled by a movie, check out Heaven Knows What, the movie that received the eye of huge stars similar to Robert Pattinson and Adam Sandler. Conceived with the lead actor Arielle Holmes and based on her life as a homeless heroin addict in Manhattan, the film begins with a visceral suicide attempt and only becomes extra harrowing.

Holmes bounces from place to position and score to score, struggling to disentangle herself from her bewitching ex-boyfriend, Ilya (Caleb Landry Jones). It’s not a film for the faint of coronary heart, however if you can metal your self via it, Heaven Knows What is unforgettable. You can watch this extremely special work on-line proper now—I guarantee it’s going to brighten your day. A characteristic-length, plot-light dance movie that follows an unnamed girl (Anne Marsen) as she navigates the busy environments of New York City, Girl Walk // All Day is a joyous expression of happiness amid urban hustle and bustle.

Upon launch, it felt like a needed tonic in opposition to cynicism and a new way of celebrating a city that’s been filmed numerous times. Now, as a result of it shows Marsen wiggling her way by way of crowds on the High Line and main an ensemble throughout the Williamsburg Bridge, it seems like a snapshot of life ready to be reclaimed. Contemporary comic-book films are notorious for his or her bland visual palette, necessitated by finances and timing demands to keep a stream of superheroes flooding into theaters every few months.

The viewer sees things play out badly between them, but then the film stops, resets, and tells the same story once more—with a unique conclusion. There’s no rationalization, no supernatural intervention; Hong’s simply inviting the viewer to deal with every interaction with care and fascination, and to see how the littlest moments can tip reality in surprising directions.